Although many shamans, gurus, faith healers or yogis strongly advise that people should return to nature ASAP, or as Enigma has it – “Return to Innocence.mp3”, this is maybe easier said than done. Speaking from personal experience, as I indeed am a passionate hiker and MTB cyclist, i.e. a true “nature lover”, I can say that benefits which come from certain devices and gadgets far more exceed any superstitious fear or prejudice, which arise from lack of knowledge, as usual.

Nature is great, we should preserve it as much as possible, of course, and leading “simple” lives truly has it’s benefits, but…Having a bit of technology in your life is certainly not such a bad thing, no matter what your Holy Book has to say. Wheels of evolution are impossible to stop, and since Homo sapiens has that inborn ability to adapt, he can certainly do so with progress of society.

So, what DO we have?

maxresdefaultWell, for starters, that thing you hold in your hands while reading this – a smart phone, presumably. They walked right into our lives, bearing gifts and doing everything we want them to, and positives which they can provide for your daily health routine and general well being are immense. In fact, it all depends on YOU – there are numbers of cool apps for exercise, fitness, nutrition, etc. and all you have to do is go visit a virtual store and start following instructions. Health is an integral part of a person’s well being so with these apps you can take care of yourself and still be trendy and in-tune with modern day activities.

Closely related to smart phones are their cousins – social networks. It will not be long before everybody has a profile on (at least) one of them, even senior citizens, and this is something that can be very useful for their health and general condition. Sharing knowledge and experiences is already in full swing and people from across the world are helping each other through advice and a kind of group counseling.
health-apps-techConnectivity is also helpful in another way: sharing of databases. Human brain is great an’ all, but…we can remember only so much…and computers?
There are no limits for them, with super-computers being developed and upgraded constantly. This gives doctors and patients a very easy access to lists of symptoms and also lists of treatments for any possible illness or problem. With a few clicks you can now achieve something that just a few years back required opening several books and reading hundreds of pages.

All of these things I mentioned are your “everyday tech-stuff“, and we didn’t even engage into the unknown and obscure depths of modern hi-tech machines and medical apparatus which is also being improved as we speak. Almost every branch of medicine is now relying heavily on technological research and experiments and all of that results in a better health care and greater number of satisfied patients. Artificial organs (3D printing) and super-adjustable prosthetics are just some of those improvements…and there are many, many more.
So, you still think healing with chanting or prayers is better? Think again.